1. Introduction

The Kontakki app is very easy and straightforward to use.

It is in fact a replacement for your default address book / phone app and works very much in the same way.

Kontakki has three main blocks

fig. 1.1
A contacts list / phone book
fig. 1.2
Set a personalised status
fig. 1.3
Manage predefined statuses

2. The contact list

Just like the one you used before.

It has three views: Contacts, recent calls and favorites

fig. 2.1
The contact list

Looks very much like the one you are used to,
but with some additional features

  • A smooth Alfabet Slider
  • Status messages
  • Availability indication (color)
  • Invite function on right swipe
fig. 2.2

Has all the features of the contact list but shows only the people you recently called
fig. 2.3

A custom list with all the features of the main contact list.

Multiple Add or Delete function, so you don't have to add them one by one.

3. Setting your status

Easy as pie

You set your status by picking one from the list of predefined states

fig. 3.1
Pick a status from the list

Kontakki comes 10 predefined states
fig. 3.3
State options

After picking a state you can leave it as it is (default settings) or change the options

  • duration
  • whom you will show it to:
    friends, business or both

Clik Set and you're done!

4. Manage predefined states

The options are endless

You can edit or delete existing default states or delete unwanted ones.
Just click on the Manage predefined states at the bottom of the Set State screen.

fig. 4.1
The States Overview screen

Clik on the pencil tool of any of the installed states to edit, or the red cross to delete it.
fig. 4.2
The Edit State screen

You can change the

  • state title
  • default duration
  • target groups
fig. 4.3
The Add New State screen

Similar to the Edit State window
you can define

  • a state title
  • a default duration
  • the default target groups

5. Manage your contacts

One app, one list

Kontakki works in conjunction with your existing address list. All changes will be synchronized.

fig. 4.1
The Contact list

Notice the two Call Buttons next to the names.

Click on a name to go to the Contact Details screen, or click on Add to create a new contact.
fig. 4.2
The Contact Details screen

Were you can see all contact settings and

  • make a call
  • send an SMS
  • send an e-mail
A contact can have up to three telephone numbers. Two of them will be shown
as Call Buttons in the contact list.

The mobile number will always have
a Call button.

The Home telephone number comes in the second place, and if not available the Work telephone number will be shown.
fig. 4.3
The Edit Contact Screen

By clicking on Edit you can alter all the contact details and assign this person to one or more groups (Friends & Business).

By assigning them to different groups you decide which states they are allowed to see.

When setting your state you can define which groups will be able to see it.

6. Online emergency service

No phone. No communication. No stress, Kontakki is there to help.

You lost your phone. Your phone was stolen. You forgot your phone at home. Your phone is broken.
Or just an empy battery. In all these cases you loose contact.

Wherever you have an internet connection you can login to www.kontakki.com, set a custom message
as your state, and within a few seconds all your contacts are informed.