Tim has set his status to
'In a meeting'

Lucy has set her status to
'Out jogging'

When Sarah wants to call Tim or Lucy she is made aware of their status

A revolutionary phone book app that makes your life easier.

Your status is visible in the phone list of your Kontakki connections. So you can avoid disturbing or avoid being disturbed.

When you forget to notify people because you’re busy, you will find Kontakki especially helpful. Use Kontakki to adjust your status and let your contacts know 'where you are or what you are doing'. Swiftly share your status and keep everyone in your contact list informed.

With an interactive, engaging and accommodating user interface Kontakki was created to attract a large number of users and keep them engaged.

Easy as pie

You don't have to transfer your contacts to Kontakki. The app automatically retrieves your default contact list from your iPhone. Setting your status is also done effortlessly.

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  • Communicate without calling
  • Limited to a trusted group of connections
  • Avoids to disturb
  • Avoids being disturbed and thus
    be more productive
  • Avoids that constant stress from being reachable all the time
  • Fast and reliable
  • We use secure European based servers
  • 100% privacy guaranteed
  • Unplug for short periods. It's becoming well known that taking a break from technology is great for your wellbeing. - Zach Dean in 'Smartphone Etiquette: Tips for Mindful Use'

  • I'll admit it: I check my smartphone compulsively. And the more I use it, the more often the urge to look at it hits me. - Susan Davis, author of 'Addicted to your smartphone?'

  • Everybody sees you trying to check your phone under the table. Come on. - Jason Gay in 'When Is It OK to Check a Smartphone at the Dinner Table?'


When registered as a kontakki user you can send out a personalised status message to all your Kontakki contacts using this webservice. This feature allows you to keep in touch in case of phone loss, theft, empty battery or any other emergency you want your contacts to know.

Let people know how, when and where they can reach you.

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